Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology

The Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology (MIAAT) is a facility where research and development projects are conducted to improve the quality and functionality of vehicles, military equipment and armaments of the Polish Army.

Its activity pursues a desire to meet the challenges of the dynamically developing arms industry and to have a real impact on the development of new technical and construction ideas.

MIAAT conducts research and tests of vehicles implemented in the Polish Armed Forces and participates in the process of their modernization. Meeting the growing demand for new technologies, the Institute supports other ministries through industrial and scientific partnerships, offering cooperation in the area of design and testing of the vehicles and equipment for the State Fire Service, Police and Border Guard. Performing work in the area of research, development and implementation of military and civilian equipment, the Institute participates in many key R&D project on a national and international scale.

MIAAT is involved in research, the results of which carry considerable potential for implementation and innovation. Acting at the interface between commercial enterprises and the Ministry of National Defense, it paves new paths connecting the producers’ and the recipients’ market. This is crucial, given the specific and difficult requirements for the delivered products and highly specialized compliance tests.

The Institute has three accredited laboratories, a Product Certification Unit, an Expert Office and, above all, qualified staff, which allows to cooperate with many universities in terms of research projects, joint publications and the development of scientific staff.


Range of activities:

  • research on the machine construction and operation, mechanics, transport and material engineering
  • research, development and implementation works, analysis, expertise, opinions in the area of construction and operation of motor vehicles, including special vehicles and military equipment
  • development and implementation of methodologies and research procedures for military, special and prototype equipment
  • MLC class determination for vehicles
  • participation in all phases of R&D works financed from public sources, from the stage of preparing tender applications
  • participation in the design and construction of new land and amphibious vehicles and new propulsion and control systems, also the autonomous ones
  • expertise in the field of assessment of the technical condition, identification of the causes of damage and reconstruction of the causes of road accidents
  • expert support of the economic control institutions in the use of armoured and automotive technology
  • conducting research, preparing publications
  • product certification
  • normalization and standardization
  • giving opinions in the process of obtaining a license from the Ministry of Interior and Administration.